Do I need a licence to buy pyrotechnics? 

All the pyrotechnics on our website can be supplied without the need for a Police Explosive Certificate, however some fireworks (Category 4) and some pyrotechnics (T2) can only be supplied to professional users or persons of specialist knowledge and we will require proof of this.

Can you send shatterglass by post/carrier? 

Shatterglass is a product designed to break and, therefore, is not ideal for shipping. However, if a customer is willing to accept responsibility for damage in transit, we will send it. Our track record is very good but we do charge a supplement so we can double pack the box. If you can collect it, then that is the best option.

Why can't cobweb spray be sent economy? 

Royal Mail have now imposed many restrictions on hazardous products which can be sent by post. We cannot post aerosols, flammable products, matches, smoke pellets, fireworks, pyrotechnics etc.

What voltage is required to fire pyrotechnics? 

This is not a straightforward question. Most pyrotechnic articles have a recommended firing current of 1amp (note ? current not voltage) and, therefore, the voltage required will depend on the overall resistance of the firing circuit which can be calculated using ohms law (V=IR). Circuit resistances should only be measured with a blasting ohm-meter and NOT a multi-meter.

How old do I need to be to buy fireworks or pyrotechnics? 

18 years old.

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