Set Dressing

These are all the products that will help you to dress a scene. We have Dust and Debris for post explosion and building collapse scenes. We stock Police items suck as evidence bags, crime scene numbers and barrier tape. Dirty Down Ageing Sprays are translucent, water soluble dyes that come in an aerosol can that can be applied to most fabrics, glass, mirrors, leather, timber and furniture to give it an aged and dirty look. Dirty Down is especially useful for costumes. We have Cobweb sprays for Halloween and Blood fluid for make up and Gun shot Effects. Kobweb Sprays, solution, cleaner and Spinners will give you any required Cobweb Effect. 

Barrier Tape - POLICE
Barrier Tape - POLICEQSFX
£18.00Inc VAT £21.60
Bentonite 1kg
Bentonite 1kgQSFX
£10.00Inc VAT £12.00
Cobweb Cleaner 500ml
Cobweb Cleaner 500mlFBX
£15.00Inc VAT £18.00
Cobweb Fluid 500g
Cobweb Fluid 500gFBX
£25.00Inc VAT £30.00
Cobweb Spinner
Cobweb SpinnerFBX
£113.00Inc VAT £135.60
Display Snow - Med
Display Snow - MedSnow Business
£45.00Inc VAT £54.00
Economy Barrier Tape - HEDDLU
Economy Barrier Tape - HEDDLUQSFX
£12.00Inc VAT £14.40
Evidence Bag - Lrg
Evidence Bag - LrgKeep Safe
£0.70Inc VAT £0.84
Evidence Bag - Med
Evidence Bag - MedKeep Safe
£0.55Inc VAT £0.66
Evidence Bag - Sml
Evidence Bag - SmlKeep Safe
£0.36Inc VAT £0.43
Evidence Bag - XL
Evidence Bag - XLKeep Safe
£2.50Inc VAT £3.00
Film Blood - Dark Red 500ml
Film Blood - Dark Red 500mlGrimas
£14.00Inc VAT £16.80
Firecheck 25l
Firecheck 25lMainstage
£212.50Inc VAT £255.00
Firecheck 5l
Firecheck 5lMainstage
£50.00Inc VAT £60.00
Kobweb Spray 400ml
Kobweb Spray 400mlFBX
£16.50Inc VAT £19.80
£13.33Inc VAT £16.00
Krystal FX Ice Spray
Krystal FX Ice SprayFBX
£8.00Inc VAT £9.60
Security Tag (Red)
Security Tag (Red)Keep Safe
£0.20Inc VAT £0.24
Sepiolite 1kg
Sepiolite 1kgQSFX
£10.00Inc VAT £12.00
Sepiolite 20kg
Sepiolite 20kgQSFX
£30.00Inc VAT £36.00
£7.00Inc VAT £8.40

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