Distress Flares

Distress flares and smoke signals for the marine and Mountain rescue environment

Bouyant Smoke - Orange
Bouyant Smoke - OrangePains Wessex
Ex VAT: £22.40RRP: £35.00 (exc. VAT)Inc VAT £26.88
Bouyant Smoke - Orange DATE EXPIRED
Bouyant Smoke - Orange DATE EXPIRED
Ex VAT: £4.17Inc VAT £5.00
Handflare - Red
Handflare - RedPains Wessex
Ex VAT: £10.00Inc VAT £12.00
Handflare - White
Handflare - WhitePains Wessex
Ex VAT: £9.00Inc VAT £10.80
Handsmoke - Orange
Handsmoke - OrangePains Wessex
Ex VAT: £19.38Inc VAT £23.26

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