A range of popular shatterglass glasses, other designs are available to order. Please call for more details.

Brandy Glass
Brandy GlassBreakaway Effects
£19.50Inc VAT £23.40
HiBall Glass -
HiBall Glass -Breakaway Effects
£15.00Inc VAT £18.00
Milk Bottle
Milk BottleBreakaway Effects
£16.50Inc VAT £19.80
Paris Goblet
Paris GobletBreakaway Effects
£16.50Inc VAT £19.80
Pint Glass
Pint GlassBreakaway Effects
£15.00Inc VAT £18.00
Red Wine Goblet
Red Wine GobletBreakaway Effects
£18.00Inc VAT £21.60
White Wine Glass
White Wine GlassBreakaway Effects
£16.50Inc VAT £19.80

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