Often refer to as "Sugarglass", these items are designed to break easily. Bottles and Glasses can be smashed over someones head or lined up on a bar and rigged with Bullet Hits. We stock Shatterglass products of various types. There's even rubber glass that can be safely fired at someone as part of an explosion or used to dress a car crash scene.

Brandy Glass
Brandy GlassBreakaway Effects
£19.50Inc VAT £23.40
Champagne Bottle
Champagne BottleBreakaway Effects
£16.50Inc VAT £19.80
HiBall Glass -
HiBall Glass -Breakaway Effects
£15.00Inc VAT £18.00
Milk Bottle
Milk BottleBreakaway Effects
£16.50Inc VAT £19.80
Paris Goblet
Paris GobletBreakaway Effects
£16.50Inc VAT £19.80
Pickle Jar
Pickle JarBreakaway Effects
£36.00Inc VAT £43.20
Pint Glass
Pint GlassBreakaway Effects
£15.00Inc VAT £18.00
Red Wine Bottle
Red Wine BottleBreakaway Effects
£15.00Inc VAT £18.00
Red Wine Goblet
Red Wine GobletBreakaway Effects
£18.00Inc VAT £21.60
Rubberglass Sheet (250g pk)
Rubberglass Sheet (250g pk)QSFX
£20.00Inc VAT £24.00
Smirnoff Vodka
Smirnoff VodkaBreakaway Effects
£16.50Inc VAT £19.80
Vodka Bottle
Vodka BottleBreakaway Effects
£22.50Inc VAT £27.00
Whisky Bottle
Whisky BottleBreakaway Effects
£16.50Inc VAT £19.80
White Wine Glass
White Wine GlassBreakaway Effects
£16.50Inc VAT £19.80

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