Flying Pigs Rocket Pack. 5pce (1.3G)

Flying Pigs Rocket Pack. 5pce (1.3G)

Ex VAT: £20.83Inc VAT £25.00

Excellent pack of 5 x 1.3G rockets.

EFFECTS:(A) Red peony with spiralling comet tail.(B) Green peony with spiralling comet ail.(C) Blue peony with spiralling comet tail.(D) Silver glitter with spiralling comet tail.(E) Chrysanthemum with spiralling comet tail.

PRICE REDUCED. Was £25, now only £19.99

Manufacturer: Bright Star Fireworks
Availability: In Stock



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Product Specification
UN Number: 0335
Net Explosive Content: 170g
Hazard Level: 1.3G
Weight: 600g
CE Type: F3
Age Restricted: Yes
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